Carnegie Public Library of Steuben County

Monday, February 25, 2013

  Free Estate Planning Seminar
                                          Tuesday March 19 at 6:30 pm.

Have you done your estate planning yet? Initially we stay occupied making certain we can pay the bills.
If we are fortunate, we gradually accumulate money and assets. It's that "accumulating" thing that leads us to
estate planning. Some people take estate planning seriously. Some do it by default. Everyone has an estate
plan which they design or one which the legislature designs.
Local attorney Latriealle Wheat leads this seminar. Whether you are well-read on the subject, or know very little, you will likely find the information helpful.
*What happens to my assets when I die if I have signed no Will or trust document?
* How can I be assured that my assets reach the people I intend to benefit?
* How can I accomplish the transfer of the assets with the minimum possible administrative costs and
tax liability.
* What is a probate asset? What is a non-probate asset?
These and more will be answered. Bring in your questions as we explore state planning education.